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our Aim:

We are a team of dynamic young professionals who have been executing many major events, product launches, Multi-city campaigns, marriages etc, in Chandigarh. The motto behind the organization is to give the best in quality , to make the magic moments for our clients & to make Yaadein Studio reach every hand in the world. We are artists, craftsmen, storytellers specializing in creative portrait photography, honestly reflecting you (our client) as a beautiful and unique individual.

Since the earliest days of portrait photography, families have built their heritage and told their stories through the priceless captured memories represented in their photographs. With beautiful elegance and unique style we build upon that rich tradition. Our mission is summed up simply in our slogan, "Custom Designed, Uniquely You". Photography is not merely a job to us, but our passion, and this shows in our portraits and artistic creations.

As our client you are very important to us. As your professional photographer, designing portraits for you that are uniquely you is important to us. At Yaadein Studio, we treat you with the care and respect you deserve, as our valued friend and client

We work continuously to identify, develop, and make available to you, innovative new portrait and photography products and services that are meaningful, high quality, elegant, and good value. Please grab a cup of coffee, sit back and relax, as you explore the beautiful possibilities of adding timeless jewels to your families' heritage treasure chest.

We have been a professional wedding photographer since 1996, and have been the photographer at well over 1000 weddings. For us, wedding photography is a dream job - getting paid to go to parties and take pictures! We photograph every wedding personally, so when you see our work you know that you'll receive the same quality at your own wedding. All of our wedding photography packages include all of the negatives or digital files at no extra charge. And unlike many self-styled "wedding photographers" we have invested in all the equipment - medium format film cameras, top-end professional digital cameras, portable studio lighting, etc. - that is needed to take the best possible photographs under virtually any conditions.

As well as wedding photography, we also do all types of portrait photography - engagement photos, family portraits, high-school senior photos, portraits of children, and even pets! we are also available to take photos at special events, including wedding anniversaries, company parties, or children's birthdays. While Chandigarh area wedding photography is the majority of our work, We also do weddings all over India. And if you're getting married outside State we are available to travel anywhere in the world to photograph your wedding or special event.